MJ took incredible photos of our Cat’s Cradle improv show last week. Give them a follow if you’re on Instagram!

A group of six people engaged in an animated theatrical performance on a stage. Some individuals are crouched or bent over, expressing mock horror or surprise, while others stand with exaggerated gestures of fear or caution. They appear to be reacting to an unseen object or event on the right side of the stage. The stage has a plain black background and minimal props, with a single black box at the center. The actors are dressed in casual clothing and the lighting casts a blue hue over the scene.On a sparsely decorated stage, a group of seven people appears to be engaged in a theater workshop or improvisation scene. A woman in a red plaid shirt is perched on a black box, forming a peak with her hands above her head, possibly mimicking a mountain or roof. To her left, a man is squatting with his hands on his thighs, looking towards her. On the left side of the image, five people are seated or lying on the stage, with some looking toward the woman on the box. They seem to be attentive and possibly reacting to her action. The stage is simply set with a black backdrop and stage lighting equipment visible overhead. The audience perspective is from the back of the room, with the back of an audience member's head in the foreground.Seven individuals are actively participating in a dramatic scene on a black-box theater stage. They are gathered in a close semi-circle around a woman in the center who is crouched low to the ground, reaching out dramatically with one hand. The other performers are variously crouching or standing, with expressions and gestures of intense focus or concern directed towards the center. They are dressed in everyday casual wear, suggesting an improvisational or rehearsal setting. The stage backdrop is plain black, highlighting the actors, and the lighting casts well-defined shadows, enhancing the sense of a theatrical performance.

Promotional poster for an improvisational comedy show. At the top, a large, orange, diagonal banner with the text 'IMPROV' in bold, white letters. Below the banner, a playful patterned background in teal with doodles of comedy and tragedy masks, pencils, and musical notes. A red URL 'www.catscradleimprov.com' is prominent. The text 'CAT'S CRADLE' sits at the center, surrounded by the words 'Directed by Richard J. Krysztoforski' in smaller print. Four performers are posed below: one sitting with his chin rested on his hand, another squatting with his hands on his thighs, the third standing to the right miming wearing a backpack, and the fourth standing behind, with a bald head, raising one hand in a goblin pose. In the bottom left, the words 'PLAYERS THEATRE 03.29.24 9:30PM' burst out in a starburst graphic.

The Cat’s Cradle Ensemble’s monthly residency continues at the Player’s Theatre! Come on out if you’re in NYC. March 29th, get your tickets.

It’s showtime tonight for my improv team The Cat’s Cradle Ensemble. Big times at the players theatre. Getting in the zone.

Over the weekend I saw the Black History Month Check In Show, an evening of all black improvisation and one sketch. Such a funny show.

Six black improvisors, half women half men, dancing on a black box theater stage.
A photo of me on stage in a black box theater, shot from behind. I'm a bald, aging white man. I'm wearing black jeans and a pastel pink dress shirt. My hands a splayed out in eggagerated gestures. Some of my improv teammates, an Asian woman, three white men, and a black man, look on.

Got to perform in a wonderful, supportive speed-dating improv show last night. These shows are always so fun and the audience has such a great time, not to mention us the performers. Check loose corn on Instragram for upcoming shows.

Our Cat’s Cradle show is sold out! Thanks to everyone who bought tickets–we’re very excited to put on a great show for y’all. If you don’t have tickets, there will be a wait list, so arrive at 8:30pm to add your name.

My group the Cat’s Cradle Ensemble is performing a fully improvised off Broadway show at the Player’s Theater, Friday October 27th at 9:30pm. Tickets are selling fast!

Corck board with a note clipped to it. The note’s title is “Chris Highlights”. The note reads, “Hi. Listen, alright? I’m telling you a story about me, Chris DeLuca, the improvistor. I’ve locked the doors. They’re in my apartment, so it doesn’t affect you, but I still want you to think about it. My improvisational style has been described as silly, featuring big doofy character work, combined with quick footed logic to tie everything together. Who made that description? Who cares! More importantly, who smells? Me? Wrong. I’m in my apartment, so I know you can’t smell shit. You plinth weasel. My comedic voice is very gentle. Jesus.” An organge callout over the corkboard reads, “Come see chris at the players theatre 10/27 | 9:30pm”

Just played Cage Match at Caveat with Loose Corn. Thanks to Max, the two out of towners, and the Kaplan Brothers. For anyone outside the NYC improv scene this has been an impenetrable word salad.

Seven improvisers posing goofy on stage

On the way to Utica to perform in the Uptown improv festival. There have been the expected number of bits in the car.

The improv team I play in, The Cat’s Cradle Ensemble, will be performing the Utica Uptown Improv festival October 6th. The whole festival will be a blast, so come out if you’re in the area! www.utcany.org/tickets

Excited to perform as part of The Cat’s Cradle Ensemble tonight at The Magnet Theater at 9pm, immediately following Kevin MacDonald (Kids in the Hall) with Kornfeld & Andrews!

Black and white photo of 9 improvisers in various striking poses on a small black box theater stage

I got to perform the rare Cat’s Cradle improvisation form in front of a sold-out audience Friday night. It was a thrill to play with such an extremely talented ensemble, and the crowed loved it. Can’t wait to do it again.

I had an amazing time at #DCM16

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Everybody, get in here! #DCMPickupLines

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D&DCM is coming, today at 7am at UCBEast. How? #DCM16 t.co/SbOSGQ2yT…

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Who the fuck lives with green lantern? #dcm16 t.co/OYRxF7lP5…

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Staying in a hostel in NYC. Also, I live in NYC. #DCM16 #ohyeah #thatsright

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On the positive side, if the ACs don’t work it’ll be a free slip n slide! #DCM16 #itshotasballs

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Revving up for #DCM16!

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Call Your Mom, my improv comedy group, has a show tomorrow at 9pm t.co/uYMgyNOJw…

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27th CYM Show: t.co/pz3GYGrLJ… via @YouTube

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