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My Facebook Ad Data

Today I downloaded all the data Facebook has on me, and started poking through it. Since it’s been the focus of every privacy scandal, I went straight to the ad data. I found two items.

Don't Commit That File!

I wrote a small git pre-commit hook to prevent committing certain files. There are more words to this, but if you’re impatient, you can skip right to the goods.

Machine Learning

I took a week off from work to join a deep dive study group on machine learning. It was an incredible experience and I want to tell you about what I learned.

Pain and Pleasure

This is not meant to be a take down piece, and I realize I’m not providing any direct solutions. I wouldn’t be writing about Drupal if I didn’t care about it. My hope is that my thoughts will prove useful in a much larger discussion.

My Talk at QueensJS

I had the priviledge of giving a talk at QueensJS last week. QueensJS is a wonderful JavaScript meetup, with a real diverse and welcoming crew of folks attending. I was pretty nervous about doing the presentation; I’ve been on stage a lot before, but this was the first time everything I talked about had to make sense, and, one would hope, be valuble to technical folks. It ended up going fine, and people seemed to enjoy it.

Practical Internet Privacy

Welcome, Internet folks! If you’ve been following along, this is the final post in my three part series on basic Internet security and privacy. In this article, we’re going to get into improving and—just as importantly—understanding Internet privacy.

Grammatical CSS Lists

The Situation You have a list of items that you need to render with comma separation, and an “and” at the end.

Practical Internet Security

Welcome internet traveler, you’ve found your way to my guide on how to improve your online security. Already feel confident in your security abilities? Then get lost! I don’t need that kind of arrogance around here, especially when I’m trying to sound smart. The rest of you nice, humble people, read on.

Security vs Privacy on the Internet

Update: The next article in this series is now published. Confused about what privacy versus security means in the context of the internet? Haven’t heard these terms before, but are intrigued nonetheless? Not interested in any of this, but are inexplicably still reading? Whatever your deal is, welcome—you’ve found the laypersons guide to all this crap!

Mac OS X Lord of the Rings Calendar

A quick, fun tip for Mac and command line users who are fans of The Lord of the Rings;