Folks really don’t like git rebase. FUD or real? Both? Context: I love it.

Periodic reminder that I love Map().

God help me, my daily text editor/IDE is Neovim, but I started using Emacs as an orgmode only app. I was using a limited orgmode in Neovim before, so who knows which is more of a lift.

My wonderful colleague Kat Shaw is featured in The Drop Time’s article on celebrating women in Drupal. The profile is accurate! I feel lucky to work with her.

I wrote an Architecture Decision Record to Use SVGs for icons for Lullabot along with some of my wonderful co-owners. I’m so happy this is not at all controversial in 2024.

My brilliant co-owner Greg Dunlap has a Kickstarter up for his new book, Designing Content Authoring Experiences. If you work with Content Management Systems, you owe yourself a look.

I setup a local LLM integration in Neovim via ollama.nvim, and it works well. Now the big question: will it actually be useful?

Here’s my contribution to the “what apps am I using?” posts.

NEDCamp is great, as always.

I wrote a blog post for Lullabot on Useful git configurations you may have missed.

From Sannie Lee, writing about the value of a liberal arts education in tech.

Whether it was a history or literature class, one common thread across all my courses was thinking critically. Looking at historical events or understanding the meaning in a novel, I learned not to take things at face value.

As a “technical” tech worker, I couldn’t agree more. I credit a lot of my “how to think” skills with my liberal arts education, and think it provides perhaps a not immediately obvious, yet altogether invaluable, benefit.

Read her full article

You know what’s cool? Map(). More invaluable technical insights all the time subscribe.

As the premier published resource on quirky calendars in macOS, it is my sad duty to inform the world that they have been removed. I’m not sure which update killed them, but they’re gone in Sonoma. Whenever it happened, the world got a little bit less fun.

iOS 17’s Check In safety feature seems really useful when needed. Concerned that either the time-based or location-based flavors will have too many false positives in subway rides tho.

TIL if the data that a GraphQL query is looking for has multiple types, the entire object will be removed. This is communicated via a non-halting warning, letting the “Can’t find the object” error blow up. Spent too much time debugging the error before noticing the warning 🙄

From Luke Planet’s No One Actually Wants Simplicity

I think a good test of whether you truly love simplicity is whether you are able to remove things you have added, especially code you’ve written, even when it is still providing value, because you realise it is not providing enough value.

Reminder that while USB-C is a welcome universal plug, the rest of the situation is, and will remain, a mess.

Unity exec tells Ars he’s on a mission to earn back developer trust | Ars Technica

“There was a lot more [feedback than we expected] for sure… I think that feedback has made us better, even though it has sometimes been difficult.”

Execs always trot out the “we didn’t realize” line. Frankly, that says they are either disingenuous or impossibly stupid. Either way, not trustworthy.

Reading State of CSS. Some takeaways.

  1. Respondants largely white, male, in US
  2. Highest incomes in US
  3. Most under age 45
  4. Largest usage increase: :has()
  5. Least used feature: font-palette
  6. Majority use Subgrid
  7. content-visibility use decreased
  8. Cascade Layers has low awareness
  9. Framework use trending down

I’ve been trying to collect my thoughts several days: I’m so very sad to hear of Bram Moolenaar’s passing. The author and largest maintainer of Vim for something like 30 years, his charitable work and dedication to his software was incredible. We lost a titan.

Wrapping up at #DrupalCon and I’ve had a blast. Great to meet new friends and reconnect with old ones. Also—Pittsburgh is a great town. See everyone online!

I limited all my blog’s RSS/JSON feeds to 50 items, after realizing Hugo defaults to no limit. Hopefully that will be kinder to parsers.

TIL that dynamic JavaScript imports are widely supported!

TIL the From HTTP request header. Now used for crawlers, it was originally intended for allow human users to supply their email address to the server. Innocent times.

Checked the logs, and the cert “expired” at 10:06 a.m. (EST), so the site was down for almost 2 hours. Previously.