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From Maria Farrell and Robin Berjon’s piece on rewilding the internet.

The clear-felled forests were replanted, ready to extend the boom…It was a disaster so bad that a new word, Waldsterben, or “forest death,” was minted to describe the result.

Worth a read.

My friend Ania sent me this photo, reminding me that this happened, and this will never not have happened.

Me, a bald white man a few years ago with a stubbly beard and glasses, slouched in a chair with one hand raised like I'm going to shake the air's hand. I'm wearing a tight white tank sleeveless undershirt. The room behind me is messy. A large black cat sits in front of me. In front of the cat is a Pathfinder roleplaying GM screen.
A majestic city skyline stands against a turbulent sky. Dark, ominous clouds loom over the silhouetted buildings, casting an eerie glow reflected in the calm waters below. The contrast between the dark clouds and the cityscape evokes a sense of awe and mystery. 🌆🌧️

Astoria is blooming.

A brownstone lined street in Astoria, Queens on a bright, cloudless day. Pink cherry blossom trees are in full bloom, casting dramatic shadows.

Let it be known that there is a well cared for cat colony on Roosevelt Island.

A cat enclosure surrounded by a fence that the cats can absolutely get past. There's trees and wood chips on the ground, and a little cat house that's just for them. There's some geese laying around too, and cats hanging out inside the house and on the roof. A large tabby cat sitting on wood chips near trees inside a fenced enclosure. The cats can get under the fence.

Some inexplicable graffiti on Roosevelt Island. I don’t know what it means and I love it.

Graffiti on the side of a pier that looks like a postcard. Most of the text is intentionally illegible, but to phrases are clear: "Dear mom" and "I'm done!"

There’s a kid on the bus with no shirt, a giant backpack with a tennis racket sticking out, and a mushroom haircut.

I spent Saturday on Roosevelt Island with friends, peeping the Cherry Blossoms and other sights. We circumnavigated the entire island, and indulged in many dumb bits. Highly recommend.

Cherry blossom trees in vibrant bloom, dark pink, on the inside of a highway ramp. The Roosevelt Island lighthouse in the distance, with the path to it stretching in the foreground, against a stormy sky. Sculptures of Nellie Bly and reflective sphreres dot the path.

A cartoonish sculture just above the surface of the water. It's a coin with arms and legs, being dragged down by a little figure with the cash symbol for a face, coming out of a crotesque mouth. The mouth is mostly submerged in the water.A sculpture of two large red letters, "RI", against a large bridge. The letters stand for Roosevelt Island.

Happy Tax Day, or as I call it, Tax Day.

Spotted on the subway: a man with a lipstick mark tattooed on his neck.

I heard Wesley Willis’ Rock n’ Roll McDonalds in an upscale coffee shop today. I don’t know what it means, but it feels significant.

Started reading: You Deserve a Tech Union by Ethan Marcotte 📚

I’ve just been introduced to Municipal Waste. They whip. 🎸🤘

Finished reading: The Last Colony by John Scalzi 📚

I was really into Disney’s Sword in the Stone as a kid. I didn’t relate to the child Arthur, I wanted to be Merlin. This says a lot.

A still from Disney’s Sword in the Stone of Merlin, a old white man with a long white beard. He wears blue robes and a pointy blue hat. He has the robes hiked up, showing pink underwear. He is water skiing.

I visited my friends Jon and Brynn over the last weekend, and was given two incredible gifts: a lush Pothos, and the Batman Forever audio cassette board game.

A leafy pothos plant in a city window A shelf with an R2D2 figure on the top. Behind it is a Batman Forever board game propped against the wall. It is played with an audio cassette.

Robin Rendle quotes an interesting passage on developing taste.

These are real. Found in a New England flea market.

A rack of magazines, the top one being a children’s book called “If you give a dog a doobie”. It pictures a cartoon dog holding a joint.

Had a fun time packaging vinyl for my friend Jon Solari’s record label. There’s something meditative about repetitive work.

A cardboard box filled with records. You can half see the cover, the soundtrack to an old B movie called Joy Sticks.

I added a page to my blog that lists only long form posts, not short little bloops like this.…

Spotted outside a coffee shop in New Bedford Massachusetts.

Graffiti on a large metal box behind a chain link fence of a cartoon boy sitting cross legged smeared in chocolate. He holds a big chocolate bar.

The Tremble

Misses Marble Crumble sat looking at her fingers, wondering which one would betray her next. They held still.

A young man with long hair passed, sat down behind her, headphones covering his ears. Her fingers trembled just a bit, but no one more than another. She sighed, and broke her concentration. Stared out the window. It had been a week since she had full spasms, and she desperately wanted to get in front of it, when it inevitably happened again.

Familiar streets passed by, the ghost-image of her worried face over top of them. She shook her head, opened her nylon and gold-painted bag, retrieving her lip gloss.

Re-applying was such an ingrained behavior, the act of doing it calmed her. The familiarity helped. She held her hand mirror in her left, drawing a meticulous, sparkling line with her right.

Right twitched.

Just a bit, not like before, not like the worst of it, but the sparkling line rose up in a jagged little arc above the corner of her lip. She replaced the lip gloss applier, screwing it shut shakily into the bottle, putting it back in her bag with a clatter; it seemed to hit everything else in there. She fumbled for a tissue, then paused, not knowing where to use it first.

My friend Ania said I was the patron saint of weird websites, and I’ve never been more honored.

My wonderful colleague Kat Shaw is featured in The Drop Time’s article on celebrating women in Drupal. The profile is accurate! I feel lucky to work with her.

I found my friend’s 16mm student film I was in when I was around 17. Remember being a teenager and trying to be deep? This is that but filmed. Radiohead soundtrack. Smoking. Slow motion. Sepia. Falling. A gun. It’s all here.

An individual with long dark hair is standing with their arms outstretched and head tilted back towards the sky. Behind them is the silhouette of a leafless tree with many intertwining branches, and the image has a sepia-toned, grainy quality, suggestive of a scene from an old film.Close-up of a person with long straight dark hair and a neutral expression. The person is directly facing the camera and the image has a monochromatic sepia tone, giving it an aged appearance reminiscent of early photography.A profile view of an individual with long dark hair, gazing into the distance. The background shows a twilight sky with bare tree branches silhouetted against it. The image has a vintage, grainy texture with warm sepia tones, suggesting it is taken from an older film.