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I got jeans that fit perfectly while thrifting. This never happens. πŸ‘–

Currently reading: The Long Way to a Small, Angry Planet by Becky Chambers πŸ“š

Finished reading: You Deserve a Tech Union by Ethan Marcotte. A++ πŸ“š

Once again The Onion comes up clutch, this time on OpenAI and ScarJo.

Jerky, 7-Fingered Scarlett Johansson Appears In Video To Express Full-Fledged Approval Of OpenAI

My roommate Ivy’s band just put out an album, and it sounds really good.

A vinyl record standing against a wall, with a batman and gameboy next to it. The album is called Weird Chills by the band Faith/Void. The cover is a old school horror movie stylized sewer grate, with pink feminine hands with red painted nails coming out of the grate.
A wooden shelf with a whie raccoon penis bone on it. It's curved and has a prong at one end. There's a happy budda and some armadillo statues around.

One of my treasured possessions: a raccoon penis bone given to me while I was in the hospital from Amalia, an art historian I met through my cousin.

Folks really don’t like git rebase. FUD or real? Both? Context: I love it.

In wrong industry acronym land, when I hear the phrase, “Post MVP”, it makes me think it’s after the player’s fallen off.

Three men, two white one brown, flapping their arms and opening their mouths like birds against a brick wall.

From our Happy Valley improv show. Baby bird improv is the best improv, demonstrably. 🎭🐣

Monkey Man was brutal action fun. Big ups to the trans community training Dev Patel how to kick the corrupt cop’s ass. 🍿

Stopped at Red Rabbit on the way home back. Real good. I’m the one with the crab cakes.

Fast food on a red latticed table. Burgers, fries, birch soda, and a plate of crab cakes.

Our show at Happy Valley improv fest went great last night. Loose, funny scenes and a hot crowd. Lots of nice compliments afterwards. I played a baby bird regurgitating food into people’s mouths.

So that was what happened to the jetpack dream.

In the green room before our improv set at Happy Valley improv festival. It is this place.

Three Coasters that say zip, zap, and zop.

Went to an arboretum at Penn State after seeing improv all last night. Pictured here: not trees or improv.

Colorful coy fish swimming in clear water over rocks.

On my way to the Happy Valley improv festival. My first time attending and performing. Very excited.

I saw Stamptown at the Bell House last night. It was maybe the wildest, funniest, horniest show I’ve seen. Physical comedy for the win.

Periodic reminder that I love Map().

I’ve been reading very slowly this year. I’m even slower at writing. I feel bad about it, which isn’t helpful. You know what is helpful? Kimchi. I’m convinced this is related. πŸ“š

Whenever someone would ask her age, my grandmother would say, “Age is just a number, and mine’s unlisted.”

Actually, she’d say that apropos of nothing, after telling a story about how some rude old bat asked her age.

Did I watch Friday the 13th Part 6 and 7 last night? Yes, yes I did. Do the teenagers behave like humans? No, they do not. But they do behave like Friday characters, so that’s consistent. 🍿

Spinning What Now while reading. A+

Britney Howard's What Now vinyl album cover, which depicts a lush flowery field and a cool Brittney, a full black woman wearing sunglasses and sporting a big Afro. She wears a flowing colorful dress. The cover is on a display shelf along with a Gameboy and a Batman figure above a stereo. A record player with a clear yellow vinyl record playing on it.

The rooftop greens are coming along. 🌱

A felt bag filled with dirt and little green leaves poking out. A wine bottle of water protrudes from the first.

Why is it cold again? I just put away my long underwear. And by that I mean underwear I’ve had for a long time. Which I still have out. Never mind.

I am very excited to report we now have plants on our roof 🌱