You ever feel a sense of obligation looking at your podcast backlog? And they’re all comedy podcasts? “I am duty bound to listen to nonsense!”

🎙️ Fun episode of The Pursuit of Perfectness on perfectionism and reading.

I’m biased because I edit the podcast and sneak in as on-air talent.…

The Pulp Tales of Gwendolyn Gween, P.I.

It’s like if Humphrey Bogart and Tina Fey had a baby.
—Stephen Spielberg

Gwen Gween looking worried
Gwen Gween, junior detective

Folks, it is my distinct pleasure, honor, and plonor1 to announce the release of The Pulp Tales of Gwendolyn Gween, P.I., a scripted serial comedy podcast I wrote and created with my partner Daniel Contreras. In fact, not only is the show released, all six episodes in this season are out right now, so you can binge the whole thing.

However convincing the above has been in getting you to blindly subscribe to something on the internet, you may still have some questions.

What Is This Crap?

Dick Dirk looking drunk and happy
Dick Dirk, Gwen's alcoholism-loving boss

Rude, but I’ll allow it.

The Pulp Tales of Gwendolyn Gween, P.I. is a scripted comedy podcast. That means it’s not people talking about their re-watch of some 90’s sitcom, or discussions about something educational. While those are all awesome shows, The Pulp Tales of Gwendolyn Gween, P.I. is carefully written, and performed by talented actors, like a TV show, but for your ears.

Vicky Vance looking like she's contemplating something hard
Vicky Vance, Gwen's rich main bitch

The show is a pastiche of film noir set in New York City, and follows a junior detective, Gwen Gween, as she cracks cases and searches for her lost parents amidst a world gone mad. If that doesn’t sound exciting, then check your adrenal glands. If that doesn’t sound funny, then just listen for a few minutes and we’ll hopefully prove your doubting ass wrong.

Uncle Ooley looking tired and confused
Ooley, Gwen's deeply strange uncle

This is a serialized show, so you need to listen to each episode in succession to understand the plot. That may sound like a lot more work, but you already do it for every HBO show and it really just means there’s jokes that reference other jokes.

Why Should I Care?

Because if you’re reading this, chances are, this show is for you.

A inky-stylized New York City skyline

If you like dark stories about a dark town told with a dark sense of humor and farts, you should subscribe. If you like word play, gun play, horse play, and ass play, you should subscribe. If you like finding out about something cool before everyone else does and then being really pompous about it when all your friends start talking about it two years later, you should subscribe. If you’ve read this far in this article, come on, you should subscribe.

Where Can I Get It?

So glad you asked!

Hector Savala looking handsome
Hector Savala, dumb-dumb man-fatale with a secret

You can find The Pulp Tales of Gwendolyn Gween, P.I. on iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Stitcher, or where ever you listen to podcasts, and you can find all the links and more information at our website.

Also, you can follow us on Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, and Twitter, where we post a lot more pictures and videos about the show.

Finally, keep tabs on, our production company website, for more sweet stuff in the very near future.

Wrap It Up

I’m really proud of this show, and I think you’re really going to like it. If you do enjoy it, tell a friend. If you don’t, keep your yap shut.

Stay badass, and thanks!


  1. A combination of pleather and Gondor ↩︎