Promotional poster for an improvisational comedy show. At the top, a large, orange, diagonal banner with the text 'IMPROV' in bold, white letters. Below the banner, a playful patterned background in teal with doodles of comedy and tragedy masks, pencils, and musical notes. A red URL '' is prominent. The text 'CAT'S CRADLE' sits at the center, surrounded by the words 'Directed by Richard J. Krysztoforski' in smaller print. Four performers are posed below: one sitting with his chin rested on his hand, another squatting with his hands on his thighs, the third standing to the right miming wearing a backpack, and the fourth standing behind, with a bald head, raising one hand in a goblin pose. In the bottom left, the words 'PLAYERS THEATRE 03.29.24 9:30PM' burst out in a starburst graphic.

The Cat’s Cradle Ensemble’s monthly residency continues at the Player’s Theatre! Come on out if you’re in NYC. March 29th, get your tickets.