Let it be known that there is a well cared for cat colony on Roosevelt Island.

A cat enclosure surrounded by a fence that the cats can absolutely get past. There's trees and wood chips on the ground, and a little cat house that's just for them. There's some geese laying around too, and cats hanging out inside the house and on the roof. A large tabby cat sitting on wood chips near trees inside a fenced enclosure. The cats can get under the fence.

I’m cat sitting my old cat Rocco starting today for 10 days in Jersey. Will be fun. The snacks will flow like water.

Spotted two people flying with their cats this morning.

A cat's head poking out from a shelf

As an exorcise, I’ve been trying to curse less. This morning, out of nowhere, our cat Rocco sunk his nails into my ass. There goes that exorcise.

Woman holding a large black cat, looking affectingly at him

Laurie and Rocco. #cat #cats

Down shot of a cute cat sitting on a rug, staring up at the camera

To celebrate adding images to my blog’s micro posts, here’s a #photo of Wiz on a rug.