MJ took incredible photos of our Cat’s Cradle improv show last week. Give them a follow if you’re on Instagram!

A group of six people engaged in an animated theatrical performance on a stage. Some individuals are crouched or bent over, expressing mock horror or surprise, while others stand with exaggerated gestures of fear or caution. They appear to be reacting to an unseen object or event on the right side of the stage. The stage has a plain black background and minimal props, with a single black box at the center. The actors are dressed in casual clothing and the lighting casts a blue hue over the scene.On a sparsely decorated stage, a group of seven people appears to be engaged in a theater workshop or improvisation scene. A woman in a red plaid shirt is perched on a black box, forming a peak with her hands above her head, possibly mimicking a mountain or roof. To her left, a man is squatting with his hands on his thighs, looking towards her. On the left side of the image, five people are seated or lying on the stage, with some looking toward the woman on the box. They seem to be attentive and possibly reacting to her action. The stage is simply set with a black backdrop and stage lighting equipment visible overhead. The audience perspective is from the back of the room, with the back of an audience member's head in the foreground.Seven individuals are actively participating in a dramatic scene on a black-box theater stage. They are gathered in a close semi-circle around a woman in the center who is crouched low to the ground, reaching out dramatically with one hand. The other performers are variously crouching or standing, with expressions and gestures of intense focus or concern directed towards the center. They are dressed in everyday casual wear, suggesting an improvisational or rehearsal setting. The stage backdrop is plain black, highlighting the actors, and the lighting casts well-defined shadows, enhancing the sense of a theatrical performance.