I found my friend’s 16mm student film I was in when I was around 17. Remember being a teenager and trying to be deep? This is that but filmed. Radiohead soundtrack. Smoking. Slow motion. Sepia. Falling. A gun. It’s all here.

An individual with long dark hair is standing with their arms outstretched and head tilted back towards the sky. Behind them is the silhouette of a leafless tree with many intertwining branches, and the image has a sepia-toned, grainy quality, suggestive of a scene from an old film.Close-up of a person with long straight dark hair and a neutral expression. The person is directly facing the camera and the image has a monochromatic sepia tone, giving it an aged appearance reminiscent of early photography.A profile view of an individual with long dark hair, gazing into the distance. The background shows a twilight sky with bare tree branches silhouetted against it. The image has a vintage, grainy texture with warm sepia tones, suggesting it is taken from an older film.