Lita Ford, Question Mark?

In my notes, I found some fairly sparse thoughts on listening to Lita Ford’s solo career for the first time. I don’t know why I was listening to it, or what I had in mind when I was taking down notes. Perhaps we can all figure it out together.

I went track for track, jotted down a tiny observation, and gave up after less than two albums. Here’s my essential thoughts in full.

Out for Blood (1983)

  1. Out for blood Rocker. Pretty standard hair metal fair.
  2. Stay with me baby A little slower, but still upbeat. Has a fun intro bass line if I remember right.
  3. Just a feeling Down the middle power ballad.
  4. Ready, willing, and able Mean, heavy riff. Stomper.
  5. Die for me only Screeching metal riff. Galloping.
  6. Rock n roll made me what I am today Hard rocker, more in line with later Runaways runes. Shout-along-style chorus.
  7. If you can’t live with it Another dark, similar to “Ready, willing, and able”, but more melodic and less mean.
  8. On the run Rolling fast number. Production seems worse than the rest of the record, hard to hear her voice. Maybe it’s the copy?

Dancin’ on the Edge (1984)

Bigger more pop production than the first album.

  1. Gotta Let Go Mid-tempo Motley Crue-type rocker, but with more melody.
  2. Dancin’ on the Edge A little more expansive, more like a driving metal song.
  3. Dressed to Kill Slower, but not quite a ballad. That 80s heavy metal slow-ish attempt at epic.
  4. Hit ’n Run Hornier riff, more swing.
  5. Lady Killer Talk opening. Another big riff. Not much to distinguish. Gang vocal chorus.
  6. Still Waitin’ Driving riff, more pop-oriented. Like a pale version of I Hate Myself for Loving You.
  7. Fire in My Heart No comment.
  8. Don’t Let Me Down Tonight No comment.
  9. Run with the $ Heartbreakingly, no comment.
Christopher DeLuca @chrisd