NYC Pride Photos 2024

I watched the New York City pride parade yesterday, and got a few nice shots of celebration and joy. A great day. πŸ³οΈβ€πŸŒˆπŸ³οΈβ€βš§οΈ

People on a parade float are dressed in colorful costumes. One person on the left is wearing a flowing outfit with a headscarf, while another person in the middle is dressed in green with a large hat adorned with flowers and holding a watermelon prop. A third person on the right is wearing a pink and white dress and has their arms raised in celebration. The float has a sign that reads β€œTaiwan Pride in NYC.” The background shows a multi-story building with many windows.
A trans woman with long blond pony tail, dramatic eye liner, and bright yellow combat boots. She wears a fish net bikini, with breasts exposed, nipples covered with rainbow paint. She walks confidently. A person in the foreground holds up a flag with horizontal stripes of pink, purple, and blue, representing the bisexual pride flag. The scene is part of a parade, with other participants and colorful decorations visible in the background. Tall buildings surround the parade area, and the sky is partly cloudy. The atmosphere is festive and celebratory. A brown drag queen wears pink and blue fairy wings and corset, with matching hair and big black boots. She walks with purpose.
A bald brown man in traditional Somoan tattoos and garb waves with a big smile amidst other similarly dressed celebrants. A colorful float is part of a parade, adorned with people waving rainbow flags and holding signs. The float is decorated with vibrant illustrations and a banner reading β€œNYC Pride 2024.” The participants appear joyful, celebrating and interacting with the crowd. Tall buildings and lush green trees are visible in the background, under a cloudy sky. The scene captures the lively and inclusive spirit of the event. A decorated bus with rainbow colors and the words β€˜The Unforgotten’ printed on it is featured in the image. The bus has purple, green, and gold garlands around the edges, and two individuals with obscured faces are standing in front of it. One individual is wearing a black top with a purple skirt and holding up a peace sign, while the other is wearing a black outfit with white polka dots and waving. The background shows high-rise buildings under an overcast sky. The scene appears festive, likely from a parade or celebration, related to LGBTQ+ pride.
A muscular white man wearing only a thong, a white cowboy hat, and roller skates rolls with a forlorn expression, eyes down. He carries a large peace pride flag. A group of individuals with obscured faces is standing behind a metal barrier at an outdoor event, possibly a parade. They are wearing colorful attire, including rainbow-colored accessories such as wigs, tutus, and flags. One individual in the center wears a yellow top and pink shorts while holding up their hands mid-cheer. A sign with the text β€˜Home Grande!’ is visible in the lower left corner, accompanied by rainbow motifs suggesting the event is LGBTQ+ related.
A person in an elaborate rainbow colored dress and makeup waves a flag reading 'drag is not a crime'
A white drag queen in a fancy silver dress with big silver necklaces, standing tall and holding a pride flag. A long narrow photo of a blond man wearing sunglasses gesturing joyfully while sitting on top of a car. Bubbles envelope him and soar up to the sky, filling the frame. The frame extends up and up, showing trees, then buildings in the background, and finally a steel sky, all covered with bubbles. A black trans woman waving joyfully with mouth open and posing coyly. An older white man with a long white beard and a red baseball cap and white gloves and cargo shorts and a pride and joy t-shirt waves, smiling.
A black and white image of a pride float, many celebrating bodies. The new york city skyline stretches high above the revelers against a pure white sky. A spiral of confetti arcs up from the back of the float, framed in high contrast against the white sky. A Black trans lives matter flag is visible.
An white woman with primpted black hair wears a bright rainbow form fitting dress. She sits on the back of a car, arms raised mouth open in celebration. A woman wearing a rainbow flower hat hands out merch to eager onlookers. Two people in elaborate blue costumes and white masks do stilt walk dances.
A colorful float with an arc of rainbow colored balloons amidst LGBTQ+ mutli-ethnic celebrants. A pride float with palm fronds and pyramids. A man with sunglasses and a pink shirt arms raised yelling with joy is prominantly featured. A long wide shot of LGBTQ+ parade marching band. A group of LGBTQ+ dancers in mid performance. They radiate love and joy.