A group of six friends is posing playfully on a crowded beach under a sunny sky. The group includes three men and three women. Each person has a temporary tattoo of Chris' face. One woman on the far left is wearing a floral shirt and shorts, enthusiastically pointing to her left arm. Her left arm has Chris' face near the elblow joint. Next to her is a woman in a black swimsuit and sunhat, posing with her hand on her hip. She has Chris' face on her bicep. In the middle, a man has towel draped over his head. This is Chris. The towel has his face on it. Standing next to him is a woman in a gray bikini with her back to the camera, playfully looking over her shoulder. Chris' face is on her lower back. A man in sunglasses and a baseball cap stands behind them, flexing his arm. On the far right, a shirtless man in beige shorts smiles while holding a drink can. The beach is bustling with people, colorful umbrellas, and towels.

I celebrated my birthday at the beach this year. My friends surprised me with matching temporary tattoos of my face, along with a towel also of my face. Silly, dumb fun. 🎂