Zoovac's Dream Part 2

More A.I. generated story based on characters from Paper Computer Games: pcg.wikia.com.

You are Mortimer Von Fog Whistle, a ghost in your mansion. You are on a quest to scare off the family that has moved into your mansion, the Taddles. You move through the wall into the entrance hall. “Get out!” you shout at the ghosts. “I’m not afraid of you! I’m going to scare them all away with my voice!” A few ghosts laugh and nod in agreement, but most just walk past you.

> “Why won’t these other ghosts get out of my mansion?”

“Why won’t these other ghosts get out of my mansion?” you ask. The ghosts look at each other for a moment before one says “Because they’re scared.” The others chuckle and continue walking. You sigh and turn around to leave, but then suddenly remember something.

> Remember that this is my mansion and that they’re the ones who should leave.

You quickly stop yourself from leaving. “They’re the ones who should leave,” you say to yourself. Suddenly, the door opens up and two figures enter your house. They both have long white hair and wear clothing similar to yours except theirs is red instead of black.

> “Who dares enter my ghostly abode?” I say to the white haired people.

“Who dares enter my ghostly abode?” you ask. “We do,” they reply. “Then why are you here? Why did you come to our home?” “To see if we were real or not.”

> “Well? Are you real, then? I certainly am. I’m dead, but I’m real. Are you?”

“Yes, we are real.” “Good. Then I’ll be gone now.” You wave goodbye as the two figures leave your house. You hear them go back upstairs and close the door behind them.

> “Wait, they hoodwinked me! They looked like they were leaving, and then they went upstairs and closed to door! What gives?”

“What give?” you ask. “It’s obvious that they were trying to trick me into letting them in by pretending to leave when they actually came down.” You shake your head. “No way. Those things would never do such a thing.

> Consult with my nemesis, Harold Farzikan the skeleton.

You sit down in front of your fireplace and begin to think about what you want to say. You know it’s stupid, but you need to vent. Harold Farzikan the skeleton stands over by his bed. He looks at you and frowns.

> Consult with the skeleton in the basement, my nemesis Harold Farzikan.

You stand up and walk towards Harold Farzikan the skeleton. You open your mouth to speak, but he grabs your wrist and pulls you back. “Don’t talk to me,” he says sternly. “Just shut up.”

> “You shut up you crusty bastard. Who were those white haired people who came in? What do you know about this?”

“Those were the Taddles,” he replies. “They live in this house too, so they must know everything there is to know about ghosts.” You raise an eyebrow. “So what does that mean?” He shrugs.

> “YOU shut up you crusty bastard! Who were those white haired people who came in? What do you know about this?”

“I don’t know anything about them,” he admits. “But I do know everything about ghosts.” You raise an eyebrow again. “Anything?” He shakes his head. “Nothing.”

> Ghost fart on Harold.

The next day, you find out that Harold Farzikan the skeleton has been lying to you all along. The Taddles are just ordinary folks who happen to own a restaurant called the Ghost House. It was their idea to put ghosts in the place after all.

> “What? I’m here because of the Taddles???? What the gadzooks!!! And who were those white haired people?!?! Also, did I fart?”

“Yeah, you did,” he says. “And I also know nothing about the white haired people.” You sigh and look around for something else to complain about. There isn’t much, though, since you’re pretty sure that you’ve already pissed off everyone in this town.

Generated via AI Dungeon.