Starry Mustard House

A sepia tonned illustration of a western style house along a desert, with cactus and desert grass in the forground. It is AI generated.

I won’t lie: this is the darkest, horniest piece of A.I. assisted fiction I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen very little. It does have a happy ending, however.

Some background. Starry Mustard House is a pre-existing character who takes over other people’s porn sets. I tried to make that his primary motivation throughout, which, granted is starting at 11, but man, does it go to 12.

Plain text is the AI, bold with > is me. This is the story we wrote.

You are starry mustard house in the New England highway. You are looking for a porn set to take over. You see a motel up ahead. “I’ll be there soon,” you say, “I’ll be there soon.”

> Run towards the motel.

The next day you arrive at the Motel 6 and find that it is indeed closed, but then it opens again at 2:00 P -

> Sleep in the bushes until 2:00 P -

You get your bags and walk to the edge of the woods, where you lie down on a nearby rock and wait for nightfall. It is not long before you hear voices coming from behind you, and you hear one of them calling your name.

> Jump out at the voices and yell my own name.

“Hey, who’s that?” a voice calls back. “Who’s that?” another voice asks, this time closer to your ear.

> “It’s me, starry mustard house!”

“It’s me, it is! I’m the one you’re looking for, you know! I’m the guy with the funny face!” you shout. The two men turn to look in your direction. They are both wearing ski masks and holding shotguns.

A AI generated portrait of a fictional character named 'Starry Mustard House', a middle-aged white man. He should appear overweight, with a noticeable balding pat. There are camera lights in the background.

> “Take your pants off, you know how porns go”

You begin to scream obscenities and demand to be let out of this situation. The men do as they’re told, but instead of cuffing you they just handcuff you to a tree. They then begin searching through your bags.

> Trigger my spring loaded dildo in my bag.

Your hands are cuffed to the tree, but you still have the dildo in your handbag. It is a spring loaded device that shoots a jet of water when you squeeze the trigger.

> “Just take my dildo and let’s get on with it. This is a starry mustard house production.”

The two men look at each other and laugh, and the man with the shotgun takes the dildo from you and tosses it into the bushes.

> “Don’t you know who I am?”

They both laugh again, and this time the man with the shotgun shoots you in the head. As you fall to the ground, you shout out as loud as you can, but all that comes out is a muffled groan. Then they shoot you again in the head.

> Rise as a porn producer ghost and haunt their dicks.

You rise as a porn producer ghost, haunting their dead bodies. Soon after, a new generation of porn stars are born.

AI genrated portrait of a fictional character named 'Starry Mustard House', a middle-aged white man. He should appear gross, overweight, sweaty. The image is in the style of an old west wanted poster for some reason, and there's drawings of cameras shit around him.

> Wait until the porn stars start filming.

You wait until the first generation of porn stars start filming, then you sneak away to make a living for yourself. Unfortunately, this does not happen immediately. Instead, it takes several years before the industry starts to boom again.

> During the boom, jump out from behind the boom and yell at the first generation of porn stars that this is my production.

You wait patiently for years, but it takes several more years before you finally get to meet them. It is at this point that you finally get to tell them what you want to tell them. “I’m sorry for your loss.

> “Each and everyone of you tonight lost their virginity at some point, and for that I’m truly sorry. Mustard sorry. “

They all stare at you in shock, and then burst into laughter, but it doesn’t stop there, it only gets worse…

> “Hey, I’m starry mustard house, this is my ghost production! You can’t laugh at me!”

You continue to yell at them until one of them finally steps forward to help you. He looks like he’s about to cry too, but he’s too strong for that.

> Thank the strong porn star, and make him a mustard star.

He accepts your gift and gives you a kiss on the cheek. He says he’s glad to have helped you out, but he’s not sure if he can keep his job anymore since everyone thinks you’re a ghost now.

> “I am a ghost! I was shot years ago! Now everyone quit fucking around and fuck!”

He looks like he’s about to cry too. He tells you that maybe you should just leave him alone since it’s getting really bad out there in the world. You shake your head and walk away.

> Go find my killers.

The next few days are a blur of running through the streets and avoiding the police, but eventually you manage to find your way back home. When you arrive back home, you see that your house has been completely trashed by the police and the media.

> “Noooooooo! The police should be helping me, not trashing my mustard house. And the media? I am the media! This is a starry mustard house production sob

Your words cause a riot in the streets of your town. The cops are arrested and the media is forced to apologize. Everyone is happy again.

> “Yes! To celebrate, everyone start making porno.”

You are now a celebrity in your own town. People come up to you and ask you to do things, like perform in movies or do a talk show.

> Do a talk show naked.

The first time you do this, you get a lot of negative feedback from the people in the audience, but eventually they accept it as normal. Soon after that, you have to move to bigger venues so that the people can still see you naked.

> Play Carnegie hall naked.

You decide to play Carnegie Hall naked. This causes even more controversy, but eventually the concert goes off without any problems. People seem to enjoy it. It’s only when you play the same concert at the same time in different cities that you start getting complaints.

> “Ah shit, they know I’m a ghost!”

You realize that this is all coming true, and you’re going to have to get out of this town before it’s too late.

> Go out on the run.

You decide to leave this town and go live in another one, which is actually easier than you thought it would be. It’s actually pretty easy to live as a ghost, and it’s even easier to live as an actress.

> Become a woman ghost porn actress.

You decide to become a woman ghost porn actress, and you soon become very popular with the men who watch your movies and read your reviews on the internet.

> During filming of one of my movies, with a man inside me, turn back into starry mustard house and yell that this is my production.

After you finish filming, you turn around and yell at the camera: “This is my production!” The movie does well, and you get lots of positive comments on your review. Soon after that, you have to move to bigger venues so that the people can still see you nude.

> Perform my porn at Carnegie hall.

After performing your movie at Carnegie Hall, you realize that the whole world knows about your talent and your acting ability. People are always asking for more of you, but you don’t really want it because it’s not what you want to be known for anymore.

> “Who the fuck am I if I don’t want to be known for porno????”

You suddenly remember the last time someone said something like this. It was when someone told everyone about how your father died. Your father was a poor man who died of a heart attack when he was just twenty years old.

> Reach out to my ghost father, starry ketchup house.

You reach out to your ghost father and ask him if he wants anything from the starry mustard house. He says no, but he tells you he wants something else from the kitchen.

> “What do you want from the kitchen, pop? Grape juice? Mayonnaise? My spring loaded dildo?”

Your dad doesn’t answer you, but you hear a loud noise in the kitchen. A loud noise that sounds like a gunshot. Your dad is dead! And now, you have to deal with the aftermath of his death!

> “They killed my ghost dad again! I’ll haunt all your dicks you bastards!”

You start screaming at the top of your lungs. Everyone in the room hears you, and they all run out of the room. Then, you start running around the room, screaming obscenities at everyone. The police arrive shortly after, and they take you away to jail.

> Film a hot ghost jail porn.

You film a hot jail scene with a hot naked girl. She looks so sexy in her prison outfit that it makes the cops think that she’s going to be doing some serious crime. They take her away to jail. The next day, the cops come back to arrest you for murder.

> “Yeah that’s right, I killed him. I murdered them both in cold blood. Why? Because he wouldn’t take off his pants and fuck like a starry mustard house production should go! Instead they killed me and my father.”

You tell the cops that you shot them both in cold blood. The cops are shocked by this revelation, and ask you why you did it.

> “I did it because they wouldn’t get naked and because they murdered my dad and me.”

You explain to the police why you did it. They are even more shocked by this revelation, and ask you why you didn’t just kill yourself. Then, the cop asks if there is anything else that could be used against them.

> “Yeah, there’s something else that could be used against you; you trashed my mustard house, along with the media!”

The cop is still very surprised by this revelation, and asks you what the hell you’re talking about. You explain to the cop what happened to your mustard house, and how the media reported on it.

> “Now take off your pants, officer, and start fucking the lieutenant. This is a starry mustard house production!”

You tell the cop to take off your pants, and then you pull out a spring loaded dildo and put it in his ass. The cop is in shock at this revelation, but takes it as a challenge. He starts fucking the lieutenant instead.

> I cum happy.

The cop cums hard as he gets fucked by the lieutenant. He then proceeds to fuck you while he cums. It is a very exciting climax for all of us.

Generated via AI Dungeon.