Dad: Movie: We rented “Plenty” with Meryl Sreep, Sam Neill and Charles Dance from 1985. This movie slipped past my radar back in the day but it was a slice of reality that deserves some attention. Streep plays a spy for England in Nazi occupied France during WWll. She has certain experiences during that time that don’t get resolved during the rest of her life and make for uncomfortable if not dangerous situations for her family and friends.The movie ends with no resolution for her issues. Such is life and this movie. Aloha!

Me: Ha nice! So what did you think of the streeps peformance?

Dad: It was a well thought out performance but i wasn’t overly impressed. The film may be carrying some 80’s stylistic baggage .

Me: Yeah? Like what?

Dad: I thought you might ask me that Q. She takes a shot at Sting’s character. It looks a little unbelievable.I think also that it is a very tough role to play and she would have played it better when she was older. I got spoiled by her acting abilities as she matured. Maybe I expected too much.

—John DeLuca

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