Kramer v. Kramer. An oldie but definately not moldy.It was good to see a young Merrill having an identity crisis over whether to be responsible for her child or not. She can’t deal with deferring gratification and has to get a job right away. But then she has a second thought after she is successful at her job. Hey what about that son I had with what’s his name? OK I want to raise him now with my new boyfriend. Wait! her husband. Dustin Hoffman doesn’t get to walk away with clean hands either. He is a status seeking chauvinist. Well to Merrill’s credit she does the right thing in the end, sees that she will upset the son’s emotional ties to the father and lets him have custody of the boy.Everyone wins an Academy Award and lives happily ever after.

—John DeLuca

Kramer vs Kramer on TMDB

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