Well, I’ve been in the hospital for two and a half weeks, and my billirueben has been steadily going down. It did go up twice, but then continued to go down.

Over the weekend, my doctor switched me to oral steroids, as apposed to the more potent IV steroids for which I was hospitalized to recieve, to see how I did on them. My billirueben did go down, or stayed the same, so that was good.

So, yesterday, my doctor told me that if my billiruben went down again today, I’d get to go home. I got my billirueben back today, and it did go down, but only a 10th of a point, which is within the margin of error.

All the nurses seem to think I will go home,  but I know my doctor is very concervative about sending people home, as she understandablely doesn’t want them to just have to come right back to the hospital. So now I wait to see the doctor, and see what she says.

More updates to come.