I’m Home!

Finally, after a week of siting around in the hospital, and waiting around all day today, I was discharged from the hospital!

Thanks to my Aunt Terry for hanging out with me all day and driving me home. Just a quick update:

My liver functions are steadily returning to normal on the prednisone (steroids), and while I’m still under close observations, things are getting better (including my color). There are some side effects; first, this particular steroid weakens muscles, especially in the legs, so I have to do a lot more exercise just to keep them at the level they were. Also, the meds jack up my blood sugar, so currently I am on a diabetic regiment. I do the finger sticks (blood sugar checks) before each meal – I have been averaging about 350 – and then inject myself with insulin (usually10 units).

This may seem freaky to some, but the needles are small and really painless, and you feel really badass doing it. My dad was a real big help today and got all my prescriptions, except unfortunately the doctor neglected to write a prescription for one of the meds (a nasty powder stuff), so I’ll have to go get that in the morning. Finally, the prednisone has the side effect of keeping you awake, hence this blog post at 2:00am! I did have sleeping pills in the hospital, but the doctor didn’t write the prescription for that either, so for at least tonight I’ll have to wing it.

Finally, congradulations to my mom on graduating graduate school! She also got the top honor in the psyche department for having the highest GPA (no surprise there). This is all well and good, however it may force me to go to grad school to beat her. Alright, well that’s enough for now. Goodnight! (hopefully)