Transplants on the theoretical horizon

It certainly has been a while since my last post, and for all those fiending for new material, I apologize.

Some wild stuff has been going down in my life, and I been swept around, this way and that, and didn’t have the strength of will to sit down and write another post until my mind had settled somewhat. And so, without further ado, here’s that whirlwind.

Medically, platelets have been big; namely their absence from my bloodstream. I’ve noted before this lack, which has been going on since late August, however these numbers never rebounded. My doctor told me maybe a month ago that he didn’t know why they weren’t coming back after such a long period, and that this was highly unusual, which made me feel special. I can’t really go back on Gleevec because then my platelet levels will completely evaporate, so the only other medical recourse is the bone marrow transplant, which I’ve been trying my best to avoid.

The reason I’m trying to avoid it is that it puts me in the hospital for a month, and then I’ll be out of work for 6 months to a year. This would give me plenty of time to start writing that novel, but I had been hoping to move into the city soon.

Speaking of which, that is another development. My friend Dave needs a roommate, and I applied for a webmaster position at the New York Film Academy, where he and my friends Andy, Meg and Jon work as well, and if I go for the transplant, I obviously can’t take the job if I get it.

So not wanting all those bone marrow high jinks, I decided to go to a homeopathic doctor who had apparently given my mom medicine to jumpstart her fertility for both Laura and I (more information than I really wanted to know), and helped Laura overcome Lime disease. He turned out to be this really nice Indian man who gave me this herbal formula, and what do you know, my platelet levels came up! They had been hovering around the high single digits, but after two weeks on the formula, raised up to 20 thousand parts per million, high enough that I didn’t need a transfusion on my past visit.

This was certainly celebration worthy, however in addition to my platelet levels rising, so did my cancer cells, putting me back in the bone marrow predicament. I’m going to the transplant doctor today, and she’ll give me the skinny on what the whole procedure will entail, and then it will be in my hands to make the decision. I’ll keep yall posted on what develops.

Until then, adios!