Embarassing Moments for Frogs

So remember that screenshot I posted of a cartoon I said I was going to finish in a week a month ago? Well, I finally finished it.

All two minutes of it. Here it is, and let me know what you think! Thanks.

Also, on a leukemic note, I have discovered the reason my platelet and neutrophil levels were so low was that 400 mg of Gleevec was too high a dose for my body, and hence the stuff zapped my bone marrow so it is currently not making much of anything. My reds, whites, platelets, neutrophils, and a half score of others are all really low.

However, not to worry, as I’m currently off Gleevec for three weeks to let my bone marrow bounce back, and in the mean time I’m getting weekly infusions of platelets. After three weeks the docs will put me on a reduced dose, which shouldn’t toast my bones, and I’ll be able to be cancer-free and have normal blood!

Until then, check out my little cartoon.