Drum subbing

Good news! I have unearthed a video of me playing with one of my favorite bands of all time, The Candy Apples.

Never heard of them? Now you have.

I was introduced to their music back in 2005 by my college roommate Andy McCarthy, who is part of the band (guitar and vocals). The two videos below are taken from a live broadcast of Thursday Nite Live, which is Hofstra University’s very own sketch comedy show that I was the head writer of in college.

This show was taped in October 2008, the fall after I graduated, so it was pretty awesome to go back and play.

The reason why I got to play with them was that their regular drummer, Steve Beck, had another gig with another band, The Gypsy West (another great band), and couldn’t make the show. So five days prior I was asked, immediately said yes, and spent the three days preceding the show practicing the songs after work.

There’s the story. If you like the music, let me know and I’ll send you their albums.

Keep it funky!