Bleeding and other things

Hello folks! So a more formal update is in order, I believe.

So I get a call from the hospital the other day and get the full fatty (my new word for skinny) on my health at the moment. As I mentioned in my last post, I passed my first benchmark with flying colors, but for those interested here’s the breakdown. When I was first diagnosed I had 90 something percent  mutated chromosomes out of however many were possible and however many they test at a time (I’m sorry I don’t have more specific information in this regard, but I just don’t happen to know). As of the time of my test, I have 37%, which is excellent for this phase of the treatment.

However, as I also mentioned in my last post, my platelet count is still low, but not as low as I previously thought. Basically I bleed about as much as someone who takes aspirin everyday. I actually know this little factoid because I happened to be bleeding an amount which I felt was inordinate, but which my podiatrist convinced me otherwise per the above. Yes, it’s happened again: I’ve had an ingrown toe operated on once more. It’s not pleasant-sounding – in fact, if you’re not gagging already, I’ll have you know that it’s quite gross – so I won’t elaborate further.

Just kidding!  I had to leave directly from the podiatrists to go to work, reason being that the surgery was unexpected on my part…I suppose I could have told the doc to do it later, but forget that; I’m a man! Either that or an idiot…or are the terms synonymous? Damn man, I need to stop making jokes at me and my gender’s expense. Anyways, between driving, hobbling around and having low platelets, I bled right through the bandage, my sock, and even my shoe. I now have a noticeable red spot on my right shoe’s toe. I also have two giant bruises on my knee from rock climbing in the shlongunks…i mean shuangunks (gotta get that right) in New Paltz NY.

However, aside from the above blood related grossities, I’m doing great! Except now it’s 1:26am and I have to wake up tomorrow for work. Pssh! It’s all good…I’m an idiot! I mean a man.