Tomorrow’s a big day

Welcome back to a brand new post, after a much begrudged absence (at least I assume it was begrudged).

Tomorrow, Monday August 17th, is, as the title of this post alluded to, a big day. The reason is that it is the day I go in for molecular testing to ascertain how my cells are responding to the treatment. I already have a complete hematological response, which means that the treatment has worked insofar as my blood is clean, so now they are going to test my cellular structures to see if those responded well. This is around the six month mark for treatment, so another big landmark.

Also, I have a toe doctor appointment tomorrow as well. So wish me luck! I have every confidence that things will go well, but extra luck never hurt. The actual procedure tomorrow should be a breeze, though; just a needle in the arm. Thinking about that would have made me nauseous six months ago, but after being made a human porcupine in the hospital, needles don’t bother me.

Well, “don’t” is a strong word, but I’ve certainly become more comfortable with them…or as comfortable as you can be around a sharp metal poky thing. Well alright folks, this is all for now. I’ll write more when I have more to write about! Namely tomorrow.

So until then, adios!