Get a Job

Well hello folks, just a short post this time.

It’s happened. I feel practically myself again. I’m free from pain, my energy is up, and my mind is limber. The only things different

is that I don’t have quite as much energy as I used to, but since I barely do anything physical anyway, I hardly notice. Although that reminds me, I should start exorcising. My muscles have atrophied far enough, and my stick-like figure freak a lot of people out. Also, my hugs occasionally cause puncture wounds. Although, come to think of it, I’ve always been skinny, and so has my dad, and so has my granddad, so maybe that’s just me…but they have muscles and things, and aren’t so bony. Alright, point is, I should exorcise, but now I’ve completely lost my point.

My point is, that I feel practically myself, and that I can return to work. This is nice, because my savings will only pay college loans for so long. It’s also nice because I feel like I’m pulling my weight again…although I’m not working yet, so I should save that feeling for later. The bad news is I’ll have to go back to Bergen for now. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great little part time job, but right after the Fall semester ended, I was really ready to move on, and it feels kind of lame to go back. Well, life intercedes, as they say. I really can’t commit to beating the road looking for jobs right now, Leukemia-based circumstances dictate I take it slower, so the Bergen gig will be good until I find something better. That is a really great thing about my Leukemia experience; I’ve slowed down a lot and really appreciated what I have and what happens day to day. I really feel like I’m living, instead of just passing through.

At any rate, I’ll send an email to Bergen tomorrow and see if I can still get my old job back. I’ll keep yall posted! Peace.