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Bleeding and Other Things

Hello folks! So a more formal update is in order, I believe.

The Big Day! …Kind Of

Well folks, the big day has come and gone (please refer to my last post), and it turns out to have been a big anti-climax.

Tomorrow’s a Big Day

Welcome back to a brand new post, after a much begrudged absence (at least I assume it was begrudged).

The Latest From the Greatest

Salutations from the hinterlands! Well, the New Jersey suburbs, really. I apologize for the lag in posts, however not much of note has happened. That is, until now.

Bone Marrow Update

Hey, it’s everybody’s favorite subject, bone marrow! I already told all the grisly bits in The Story So Far part 2, so today I can move on to the results,

Get a Job

Well hello folks, just a short post this time. It’s happened. I feel practically myself again. I’m free from pain, my energy is up, and my mind is limber. The only things different

The Story So Far Part 2

Welcome back to part 2 of the Leukemia story! After this I’ll write about something else, I promise.

The Story So Far Part 1

Well, here it is, the only marginally abridged version of The Leukemia Story. Now, since I’ve written it here, I’ll only have to repeat it for the rest of my life. Here it is!