RSS feeds

Notes feed —updates as much as daily
Short, funny, try-hard micro posts (think Twitter).
Fiction feed —updates every once in a while
Short stories or story games that didn’t get published elsewhere.
Tech article feed —updates every once in a while
Longer articles about some aspect of technology.
Personal article feed —updates every once in a while
Longer non-fiction essays about an arbitrary topic, usually something I’m personally experiencing at the time of writing.
Articles feed —updates a bit more than every once in a while
All my longer-form content, mentioned above.
Projects feed —updates rarely
New projects I’m working on or have completed, if that concept applies.
Reading feed —updates fairly regularly
Books I’m reading or, more likely, have just finished reading, if that’s of interest.
Records feed —updates occasionally
Additions to my record collection. I dare you to subscribe to this.
The whole shebang —updates frequently
Feelings indiscriminate? This feed captures every content update on this site.