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About me

Chris DeLuca is a writer, software developer, and comedian living in New York City. He works at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, and is involved in NYC comedy. Chris has won numerous awards for his writing, gotten numerous jobs for his programming skills, and thrown lots of shade for the hell of it. He grew up in New Jersey, the state from all the punchlines.A Portrait of Chris DeLucaA close up on Chris DeLuca’s face on the subway.

He is also deeply concerned about the state of author bios; they’re written as if a third party is writing about the person in question, but everyone knows that it’s the person themselves writing it. Nobody is fooling anyone. It’s a feeble attempt to sound more important than you are to gain social capital, and it’s downright disgusting. In the parlance of the plugged-in, techno-bop youth, it makes me 😷.

And you know what else? Anyone who puts up with and actually reads these travesties can go fart in a tunnel.

He also started collecting records and uses an ergonomic keyboard , so make of that what you will.