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The Result of My Pirate Personality Test Is…

The Bilge Rat Hygiene is just that thing that happens to other pirates.

Transfusions Are Spooky?

This past Thursday I went into the doctor’s office to get my weekly blood test; the numbers revealed that my bone marrow had yet to bounce back,

Male vs Female Brain

In response to my cousin Megan’s link to the BBC’s Male vs Female Brain Test, I have posted my results, as well as another link to the test, in case others would like to take it.

Embarassing Moments for Frogs

So remember that screenshot I posted of a cartoon I said I was going to finish in a week a month ago? Well, I finally finished it.

Left vs Right Brain Test

I just took an online test to determine which side of the brain you favor, right or left. Here are my results:

Gleevec’s Out

Good news! I got the first half of my test results back this Tuesday (the bone marrow test), and they show

Drum Subbing

Good news! I have unearthed a video of me playing with one of my favorite bands of all time, The Candy Apples. Never heard of them? Now you have.

A Change of Meds

The warmest of hellos! Some of you may have heard about my experiences last night, but for those who haven’t, and those who haven’t heard enough, I give you this explanation.

Insurance Dun Dun Duuun!

Big news! Finally, this blog ties into current political events, a major goal of mine for at least five minutes now. That issue is, as you may have surmised from the title, health insurance. This is a very sensitive subject, especially with Obama

Bleeding and Other Things

Hello folks! So a more formal update is in order, I believe.